Does a bill of lading which states that a person named as a consignee is not intended to be delivered to the consignor?

Saskatchewan, Canada

The following excerpt is from Armstrong v. Canadian Northern Ry., 1914 CanLII 95 (SK QB):

In Hutchinson on Carriers, 3rd ed., p. 203, s. 187, it is said:— “It is a common practice where the bill of lading provides for delivery to the consignor’s order and has gone forward attached to the draft on the purchaser or other (person by whom payment is to be made, to give directions that such person be notified of the arrival of the goods in order that he may pay the draft and procure the goods. . . . The very presence of the word ‘notify’ in such case it as said shows that the person named is not intended as the consignee” See Furman v. Railroad Co. 106 N.Y. 579; Joslyn v. Grand Trunk Ry., 51 Ver. 92.

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