What is the difference between reasonable notice and reasonable working notice?

British Columbia, Canada

The following excerpt is from Munoz v. Sierra Systems Group Inc., 2015 BCSC 269 (CanLII):

The defendant argues that the plaintiff was given reasonable notice of six weeks commencing October 24, 2013. Although this was working notice, and the plaintiff was not paid wages during this period, the defendant maintains it was not in breach of the employment contract because the plaintiff was not billing any hours to a client during this period. The defendant says its only obligation was to look for work for the plaintiff and it carried out this responsibility. The only remuneration the plaintiff was entitled to was his benefits and he received these. The defendant says that benefits alone were what the employee would have earned had the contract been performed during the notice period: Whiting v. First Data Canada Merchant Solutions ULC, 2011 BCCA 84 at para. 16.

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