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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alexsei, and who is it for?

Alexsei is a web-based software tool that provides answers to legal research questions in memo format. Alexsei is exclusively for legal professionals who are licensed and in good standing with their governing body.

How does Alexsei lower legal research costs?

The combination of advanced software and economies of scale permit Alexsei to provide significant value for a highly reduced price. Traditional legal research practices have been very inefficient; fortunately, Alexsei is here to change that.

How long does it take to receive an answer?

We are constantly striving to reduce the turnaround time for an answer. Currently, though, you can expect an answer roughly 24 hours after submitting your question.

What jurisdictions does Alexsei cover?

Currently, Alexsei operates in all Canadian common law jurisdictions and in California and New York.

What if I don't like Alexsei's answer?

We are confident that you’ll love Alexsei. If you receive a memo that doesn’t satisfactorily answer your question, or that you aren’t satisfied with, we will redo the memo (for free) or offer you a refund. To help ensure that you get the most out of Alexsei, please see our Guide to Using Alexsei.


How much can Alexsei save my firm/practice?

Legal research is time-intensive. Some of this time can be billed to clients, however, it is often written off as non-billable or billed at heavily discounted rates. Alexsei saves you time by doing the research for you. If you choose, you can pass along the cost of using Alexsei to your clients. With Alexsei, you’ll spend less time doing research and more time doing billable work like providing opinions, refining arguments, drafting, negotiating, and litigating.

Is my data on Alexsei confidential?

Yes. Every memo that we produce is shared only with the users of the firm that requested the memo. We never share one firm’s memo with any other firm.

How does Alexsei work?

Alexsei works by automating legal research tasks with sophisticated machine learning software.

Nuances involved in answering a legal research question that cannot be fully automated with the current technology are completed by expert researcher lawyers with experience in the area of law asked about.

By combining artificial intelligence with human legal experience, Alexsei can continue to provide highly precise answers to complex legal questions at a significantly reduced cost.

What format are answers received in?

Answers are provided in memo format that includes: (1) a conclusion that provides a short summary of the answer, (2) a detailed, full answer with quotes from relevant caselaw and legislation, and, (3) a hyperlinked list of authorities.

You can download the memo in Word, PDF or copy from the web.

What technology does Alexsei use?

Alexsei has built proprietary artificial intelligence technology that utilizes deep learning to optimize the process of conducting legal research.

How much does Alexsei cost?

We have a variety of pricing models to best suit your practice. Purchase a single memo, a block of 10 or 25 memos, or contact our sales team for a custom solution.

What are Alexsei's terms?

You can review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy here.

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