In the context of the Divorce Act, what are some cases where the Court of Appeal has considered the meaning of notice in a family law context?

Ontario, Canada

The following excerpt is from Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Toronto v. M.C., 2018 ONCJ 619 (CanLII):

[141] Willick v. Willick, 1994 CanLII 28 (SCC), 1994 CarswellSask 48 (S.C.C.), is a case that concerned a child support variation. Although she was writing about the correct approach to the statutory interpretation of the Divorce Act, in her concurring opinion at ¶ 44-58, L’Heureux-Dubé J. wrote about the importance of understanding the social realities experienced by those most effected in the family law context and the use of judicial notice of a tool for considering those realities.

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