What is the test for denial of contact between the children’s father and their maternal grandmother?

Alberta, Canada

The following excerpt is from H.B. v. A.B., 2010 ABQB 279 (CanLII):

The relationship between the children’s father and their maternal grandmother is one of animosity, to the point that police intervention was required on one occasion. The parents do not want continued contact between H.B. and the children. The time of significant involvement between H.B. and the children ended in 2006. As noted by Veit J. in Lucenko v. Lucenko 2008 ABQB 153 at para. 4, 443 A.R. 174, “... parents have the prima facie right to determine the individuals with whom their children associate; courts must be respectful of those guardian rights.” The trial judge concluded that given the relationships between the parties, denial of contact was not unreasonable. On the evidence, this is not a material error, a serious misapprehension of the evidence, or an error of law. VI. Conclusion

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