Is relevance relevant for purposes of discovery?

Canada (Federal), Canada

The following excerpt is from General Electric Capital Canada Inc v. The Queen, 2008 TCC 668 (CanLII):

The purposes of discovery are to enable the parties to know the case they have to meet; to find out the facts on which the opposite party relies; to narrow or eliminate issues; to obtain admissions that will facilitate the proof of matters in issue and to avoid surprises at trial[3]. I am mindful that the scope of discovery is wide and that at the discovery stage relevancy is to be construed liberally[4]. Justice Bonner, as he then was, had this to say about relevance in Fink v. The Queen[5], There was little dispute regarding the principles applicable to the resolution of issues of relevance. The law on the point is well settled. Any fact which may assist the examining party to destroy the opponent's case or to establish the position which he has taken on the issues raised by the pleadings is relevant for purposes of the discovery process.

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