Can a plaintiff refuse to sign an authorization that would have allowed counsel to speak to a treating physician?

British Columbia, Canada

The following excerpt is from Zawadzki v. Calimoso, 2011 BCSC 45 (CanLII):

The plaintiff argues that he was under no obligation to execute the authorizations he received. In support of this proposition, he relies on the decision of Mr. Justice Hinkson, as he then was, in Stead v. Brown, 2010 BCSC 312. That case dealt with the narrow question of whether a plaintiff can be ordered to execute authorizations for the release of records in the hands of third parties. The further question of whether a plaintiff can be compelled to sign an authorization which enables counsel for the defendant to speak to various treating physicians was not addressed directly before me. In addition, I have no knowledge of why, in this case these authorizations were not signed by or on behalf of the plaintiff.

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