How have courts dealt with historical child sexual abuse cases involving older men?

Nova Scotia, Canada

The following excerpt is from R. v. A.N., 2009 NSSC 186 (CanLII):

In Her Majesty the Queen v. Weaver, [1993] N.S.J. No. 91 the accused there was 69 years of age. He pled guilty to offences involving three young girls that occurred over a ten year period. He also pled guilty to two counts of sexual intercourse with a female under 14 and sexual assault. These occurred between 1978 and 1983. There were five victims in total. The conduct - low range from one incident of touching to repeated sexual intercourse. The accused was the neighbour of these victims and a friend of the family. The children he assaulted were friends of his daughter. In one instance the sexual intercourse lasted a number of years with one of the victims. As you might expect, there was a devastating impact on these victims.

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