What is a real estate agent’s obligation to verify what they are selling?

Saskatchewan, Canada

The following excerpt is from Forbes v Morrison, 2014 SKQB 40 (CanLII):

Because real estate agents are “professionals”, individuals who retain their services are entitled to rely on their representations and expertise, just as clients of lawyers, accountants, doctors and other professionals are entitled to rely on their professional advice. As a general rule, clients of real estate agents do not have an obligation to independently verify what the real estate agent is telling them. If a real estate agent does not know if something is correct or accurate, they have an obligation to advise their clients so that the client may take steps to obtain the information or direct the agent to do so. (See: Power v. Goodram, supra at paras. 153 to 160; Lyle v. Burdess, 2008 YKSM 5 at para. 85)

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