Can an applicant for permanent residence disclose the identity of a dependent, whether accompanying or not?

Canada (Federal), Canada

The following excerpt is from Wang v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration), 2002 FCT 125 (CanLII):

I find support for this view in Singh v. Canada, supra. In that case, the applicant sought a declaration that the Act did not empower the Governor-in-Council to pass regulations barring the admission of any immigrant because a non-accompanying dependant was a member of an inadmissible class. Muldoon J. held that an applicant for permanent residence was legitimately required to disclose the existence and identity of all dependants, whether accompanying or non-accompanying, and denied the relief sought. He stated at para. 27: [...] it is wholly appropriate that the Canadian government know who are coming into Canada seeking permanent residence and what their circumstances are. The circumstance of having a dependent person is readily apparent when the dependant accompanies the immigrant. If the dependant be not accompanying him or her, the immigration authorities are still absolutely entitled to know of the existence and identity (name, age, gender, at least) of the dependant. The would-be immigrant is obliged to reveal truthfully such information and has no excuse for concealing it, whether or not the dependant be a member of an inadmissible class.

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