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R v. Littletune

Jack Jelf, a 20-year old student at Mothergoose University, fell asleep in his dorm room smoking cannabis while his roommate, Jill Littletune, was out. Unfortunately, while Jack was sleeping, the lit joint set the carpet smoking. The smell of smoke was detected by Jack’s dorm neighbours who phoned 911. The university has a strict no-cannabis rule for dorms.

University Security arrived together with the firefighters, broke down the door, and, prompted by a smell of cannabis and the state in which they found Jack, searched the apartment while the small fire was being put out. During the search, in a shared room, security located a small stash of cannabis on the bottom shelf of a cupboard over the mini-fridge, and, on the middle shelf, a big stack of papers, which appeared to be a print-out of an obscene novel. On closer examination, the officers concluded the material to be child pornography, as some of the characters were identified as being under 18 years of age. University Security gave the novel and cannabis to the police when they arrived shortly after.

The manuscript and the cannabis were taken to the police station. The next morning, Jack phoned the police department and asserted that the manuscript did not belong to him, but to his roommate, the 18-year old freshman student, Ms. Jill Littletune. Ms. Littletune gets arrested. She tells her cell-mate that she wrote the book, and that the cannabis was hers. She also says she’s been sharing her novel online. The cell-mate was actually an undercover police officer. She’s charged with possession, production, and distribution of child pornography. On a pre-trial application Ms. Littletune relies on s.24.2 to exclude the evidence.


N.b. Issues are to be in an abstracted question format as demonstrated below in the good sample issue. The issue should not seek an opinion. Opinion questions are those which ask for an application of the law to the facts of the case. Each issue submitted should be limited to a single legal issue, and should not contain any extraneous information.

Good Sample Issue: Is an obscene novel containing underage characters child pornography?

Bad Sample Issue: Is Jill Littletune’s book, found on the middle shelf of Jack Jelf’s cupboards child pornography and what is the sentence she will receive?


Submissions will only be accepted through the Google Form below between July 2 at 10 AM EST and July 30 at 11:59 PM EST.