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Each memo Alexsei creates contains 5 key pieces of information.

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The question submitted by you as the lawyer or legal team is recorded, along with the date the memo was prepared.

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Alexsei provides a full answer to your question with quotes and summaries from relevant caselaw and legislation in the body of each memo.

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The memo will also mention any facts you've submitted to Alexsei to give context to your question.

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Included in each memo is a hyperlinked list of cases and legislation cited by Alexsei.

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Alexsei will display a summary of the key points of law set out in the memo.

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Well-researched conclusions

The conclusion provides a short overview of the answer to the question. Each paragraph of the conclusion consists of either:
- a statement of a relevant legal principle, or
- a case summary that demonstrates an application of the principle in an analogous or distinguishable situation

Statement of legal principle
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Breakdown of the relevant law

The Law section of an Alexsei memo contains the complete answer to your question.

Each paragraph in the Law section refers to a single source of law (either a case or a legislative document). Each paragraph begins by identifying the case or piece of legislation and summarizing the part of the document that is relevant to the question asked.

After providing a summary, the important paragraphs or sections are quoted directly.

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Quote from summarized source

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