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Trusted by top law firms of all sizes across North America

"Alexsei has shown demonstrable ROI for our Knowledge Management team as well as our entire firm"

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-Stewart McKelvey / Paul Saunders

"Alexsei's memos promptly summarize the relevant law for us"

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- Mergen Law / Kevin Weeks

“We would recommend Alexsei to any law firm looking to save time on legal research”

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- Oatley Vigmond / James Vigmond

“Alexsei’s automated platform provides an amazing and cost-effective head start on research tasks... with excellent turn-around time.”

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- Computerlaw Group /Jack Russo

"Alexsei has upped our game considerably."

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- Galbraith Family Law / Brian Galbraith

“It's a fantastic way to get the information we need”

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- Carraig Law Group / Eoin Logan

"Alexsei memos are 100% exceeding their value compared to... the time it would take us to do the same research"

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- Kreklewich & Chambers /Lorie Chambers

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Alexsei is a tool for legal professionals to provide legal research memos. Find out more with a personalized demo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alexsei and who is it for?

Alexsei is a web-based software tool that provides answers to legal research questions in memo format. Alexsei is exclusively for legal professionals who are licensed and in good standing with their governing body.

Is my data on Alexsei confidential?

Yes. Every memo that we produce is shared only with the users of the firm that requested the memo. We never share one firm’s memo with any other firm.

How long does an answer take to receive?

We are constantly striving to reduce the turnaround time for an answer. Currently, though, you can expect an answer roughly 24 hours after submitting your question.

What jurisdictions are covered?

Currently, Alexsei operates throughout the common law jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada.

How does Alexsei work?

Alexsei works by automating legal research tasks with sophisticated machine learning software. Nuances involved in answering a legal research question that cannot be fully automated with the current technology are completed by expert researcher lawyers with experience in the area of law asked about. By combining artificial intelligence with human legal experience, Alexsei can continue to provide highly precise answers to complex legal questions at a significantly reduced cost.

How do I get started?

Create a single memo or secure your research in advance by choosing a memo pack. Get started on our Pricing page or submit your contact info and our sales team will contact you with next steps.

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