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Legal solutions
Mark Doble

Two principles for crafting an Alexsei memo: deference and concision.

We are constantly thinking about legal research, and, in particular, identifying guiding principles for crafting an Alexsei legal research memo. First, it is important to understand that an “Alexsei memo” is different than most other kinds of legal research memos. There are a lot of similarities, for sure, but the differences are less obvious. The

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Samarth Bhasin

We are attending the CCCA National Conference to demonstrate how in-house counsel teams are using Alexsei!

Members of the Alexsei team will be in attendance providing a demo of our software. Come find us in the Exhibition Hall and see how in-house counsel are using Alexsei to get high-quality answers to their legal questions using advanced software. Instead of emailing your question to external counsel, and getting a bill for hundreds

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Mark Doble

Alexsei’s Mission to Automate Legal Research

Alexsei is hyper focused on a single mission: to answer complex questions of law with precision, at scale, and at very low prices. We are focused on doing all three of these things simultaneously for the following two reasons: 1) Now, unlike ever before, it is actually possible; and, 2) doing so has the potential

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Answer to legal question
Jean-Benoit Richard

Legal research software reviews

Even the best attorney must rely on more than his or her memory. Lawyering is very much an exercise in research excellence, and excellence requires access to the right tools. So legal research software reviews are needed to answer that question. What is the best Legal research software? Today, most law firms use one of

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