Alexsei makes legal research intuitive and affordable.

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Leverage the collective intelligence of all our users.

Leverage the collective intelligence of all our users.

Ask a question. Get an answer.

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Simply type your legal question into Alexsei—however complex or nuanced it may be.

And receive a precise answer in memo format that you can trust.

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Use Alexsei to build a superior knowledge management system to keep track of all your most important issues.

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If you're still doing manual legal research work, upload and share it with other lawyers in your firm.

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Provide feedback and collaborate.

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Alexsei saves you time and money by alerting you of similar issues that have already been researched.

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One YEARLY fee of

$295 / user

No yearly usage limits.

Daily maximum of 1 research request.

No setup or hidden fees.

Users must be currently enrolled in an accredited Canadian law school.

Free 10 day pilot.


Recurring MONTHLY fee of

$295 / user

For firms with fewer than 20 lawyers.

No monthly usage limits.

Daily maximum of 2 research requests.

No setup or hidden fees.

Allow your articling students and junior associates to be more productive.

Free 10 day pilot.


Contact us at to discuss your plan options.

For firms with more than 20 lawyers or high usage requirements.

Unlimited usage available.

Unlimited number of users.

Gain the competitive edge you've been looking for.

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